14 08, 2018

For An Out-Of-State LLC, Be Careful Claiming Dual Residency

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So, yesterday, we discussed how some investors try to form an LLC in another state, because some states are just not small business friendly. Right? We cautioned you that if you want to form an LLC in another state, that you will need to get a registered agent who is a resident of that state to help you. That is with few exceptions. The logical next question you are probably asking yourself is about dual residency. Right? Well, you actually can be your own agent, but make absolutely sure that you can both meet the state's requirements and fulfill your

13 08, 2018

With An Out-Of-State LLC, You’ll Need A Registered Agent

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If you live in a state that is a bit unfriendly to small businesses, you might have considered just forming your LLC in a state that isn't. Investors do this frequently. Here's the thing though: If you intend to form your LLC in a state that is more friendly to small businesses like small real estate investment companies, you will need a registered agent. That's your legal obligation. What does that mean? Well, if your LLC is registered in another state, you have to have someone in that state to handle all of your LLC's legal and tax documents, and

13 04, 2018

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Allows Business Owners A Tax Break On Roofing Projects

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Consider this: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act offers business owners a new way to recover costs on projects including roofing projects as long as it's on a qualifying project. What is a Qualifying Project? A depreciable tangible personal property purchased to use to conduct business counts as a qualifying project. The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lets businesses avoid devaluation on capital investments with expected lifespans of 20 years or less. So, while some roofs may last longer that 20 years, Everyone knows the lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is considered 20 years. Plus, the maximum investment

31 03, 2017

Commercial vs. Residential Loans

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  The differences between commercial hard money loans and residential hard money loans may seem cut-and-dry, but there are some big differences you need to understand because they'll impact which type of loan is right for you. Differences Between Residential and Commercial Hard Money Loans Residential mortgage loans are intended for properties that have one to four family units. Anything above that, or a property intended solely for business (not a dwelling), falls under a commercial loan. When you require a residential loan, your personal income, debt and ability to repay a loan are reviewed before you’re approved for a mortgage.

27 02, 2017

Commercial Loans vs. Residential Loans

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The differences between commercial and residential loans may seem cut-and-dry, but they’re not always obvious. Determining which type of loan you require can be confusing at times, and being prepared before you speak with a lender may save you some time. Residential mortgage loans are intended for properties that have one to four family units. Anything above that, or a property intended solely for business (not a dwelling), falls under a commercial loan. When you require a residential loan, your personal income, debt and ability to repay a loan are reviewed before you’re approved for a mortgage. If you need

24 02, 2017

Should You Hire a Property Manager?

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There’s no denying that real estate investing can be profitable (if you’re good at it), but there’s usually a lot of blood, sweat and tears involved. If renting homes is your thing, but you find that you’re just not into unclogging toilets, or don’t have the knack for finding the perfect tenants, should you throw in the towel? If so, you may want to consider hiring a property management company. If you’ve invested in multiple properties or are just simply making enough money (that’s the goal, right?), hiring a company to take some tasks off your plate may give you

9 02, 2017

Evicting a Tenant When You’re Renting an Investment Property

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Evicting a tenant is not something a landlord looks forward to. If you’re like most real estate investors, you’re going to be faced with the decision to evict a tenant at some point in your career. Let’s face it: eviction is a hardship for both parties, but unfortunately, it can be something that needs to happen so you can continue running your business. Georgia Laws on Eviction for REIs Each state has its own laws regarding the eviction process. Because we’re in Georgia, we’ll focus on the dispossessory proceedings of the Georgia rental code. You’ll find that Georgia is not

17 01, 2017

How to Find a Great Atlanta Contractor

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Flipping a house isn’t a one-person job, and that means you need a great team in place. But when it comes to Atlanta contractors, how do you know you’re getting the best of the best? How to Find a Good Atlanta Contractor If you’re hiring an Atlanta contractor, start asking for recommendations from family and friends. You can (and should) even ask your hard money lender in Atlanta for a few contacts. Once you’ve narrowed down your list to a few good contractors, start conducting phone interviews. Call and ask: Do you do projects of this scope? May I have

12 01, 2017

Flip a House in Atlanta: Is it as Easy as it Looks on TV?

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Is flipping a house as easy as it looks on TV? No. But it’s extremely rewarding… and if you play your cards right (read: you’re smart about it), you can turn a great profit when you flip a house in Atlanta. Flipping a House on TV vs. Flipping a House in the Real World Sure, flipping houses on television looks fast and easy. You buy the house, fix it up, and buyers will be lined up at the front door waiting to hand you stacks of cash. Right? Not exactly. If you want to flip a house in Atlanta, you

7 01, 2017

What is an Environmental Report in Commercial Real Estate (And Do You Need One)?

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Many traditional and hard money lenders in Atlanta require an environmental report before they’ll grant someone a commercial loan. The report should show that the property has been examined for environmental contamination. Even if there’s no lender requirement, though it may be a good idea to obtain one anyway, just for your own peace of mind — and for your future buyers’ peace of mind. What is an Environmental Report? An environmental report is an investigation on commercial property to discover if there are any dangerous contaminants. Potential buyers assume the cost of the investigation and it is completed in