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To start 2014 off, we’ve updated our website.  New content as well as the ability to apply for a hard money loan online.  If you need an Atlanta hard money loan or for other parts of the south, contact us today at (404) 814-1644 x101 or email  We also do hard money loans on commercial properties.  Check us out at

Hard Money Loans – Financing for What You Need

When banks don’t want to provide you with the financing you need, an Atlanta hard money lender can step in and make things happen. But what is a hard money loan, and how hard is it to qualify for one? Is it the right solution for you?
Hard Money Real Estate Loans in Atlanta
Whether you’re interested in building a new home, you want to purchase an investment property or you’re ready to borrow cash against a free-and-clear property, a hard money real estate loan might be your best option.

Hard money real estate loans for new construction: Because banks are tough sells on new construction loans, you might need to find an alternative method of financing. A hard money real estate loan provides capital to purchase lots and the cost of construction.

Hard money real estate loans for investment properties: If you don’t have pristine credit, it can be extremely difficult to get a bank to lend you money for an investment property. Often, big institutions don’t see the potential in investment properties – but hard money lenders are willing to take risks that banks can’t.

Cash-out hard money real estate loans: When you own your property free and clear, which means your mortgage is paid off and there are no liens against the property, you may qualify for a cash-out hard money real estate loan. With this type of loan, you can tap into up to 50 percent of your home’s equity.
Qualifying for Hard Money Real Estate Loans
While your credit does matter, it’s not the primary factor that determines whether you’ll qualify. The value of your property, your ability to repay and other factors are all evaluated when you apply for a hard money real estate loan.

The […]

Hard Money Loans for Investment Properties

As an investor, you know a great deal when you see it. You also know that you aren’t the only one who will recognize it – and you need to act quickly if you want to stay in the game. When traditional lenders fail to see the potential in an investment property, you might have a hard time getting the funding you need.

That’s where an Atlanta hard money lender can step in and help you realize your dreams.
Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investors in Atlanta
Banks aren’t too keen on giving loans for non-owner occupied homes. In fact, sometimes securing funding for an investment property that you intend to repair and sell or that you intend to use for residual income seems impossible. It’s frustrating, whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned professional real estate investor.

If you turn to an Atlanta hard money lender, you stand a better chance of getting the financing you deserve. Generally, hard money lenders work faster than traditional financial institutions and have different credit requirements.
Uses for Hard Money Loans All Over Atlanta
There are so many real estate investment opportunities in Atlanta that it seems ludicrous to pass them all up. A quick search of any real estate agent’s listings will show you bank-owned foreclosures, non-owner occupied homes and even empty lots in prime subdivisions; most are selling at prices that will allow you to turn a tidy profit.

Why waste time going from bank to bank when you may qualify for a hard money loan designed for real estate investors just like you? Let us alleviate your frustration and help you keep your momentum going.

Call us at (404)814-1644 or send us an email. We’ve helped hundreds of […]

Different buyers in 2011 vs 2010

The first half of 2011 couldn’t be more different than the first half of 2010 in terms of home buyer profiles. In early 2010, the homebuyer tax credit was the primary impetus for home purchases. Many buyers accelerated their purchases to close within the first six months of the year. There is also indication that people looking to wait until 2011 to buy may have moved up their purchase by a full year to take advantage of the tax credit.

In early 2010 houses priced below $150,000 were selling rapidly. These houses needed to be renovated on par with higher priced homes (i.e. granite countertops, stainless appliances). When the tax credit expired, this market dramatically decreased. In many submarkets of Atlanta, sellers cannot find buyers at this price point in 2011. The tax credit had that large of an impact.

On the flip side, investors are having great success in 2011 selling houses at higher price points (> $300,000). These end buyers tend to have higher credit scores and verifiable income. Both of these items are helpful for FHA or conventional financing today. Investors have higher risk, though, at this price point.

New home builders are also starting to come back in the market. That subject will be discussed in a future post.

Good luck with your investing. Call Dean at 404.814.1644 x101 if you need funding for your next real estate investment.

Introducing Paces Funding

Paces Funding is Atlanta’s largest hard money lender. We are leading the way with innovative financing solutions for real estate investors. Our staff has processed over 1,000 loans over the past decade and is excited about the new opportunities we will be providing our clients. Over the next six months, Paces Funding will be introducing new real estate financing and investment opportunities.

Contact us today to get pre-approved for a hard money loan.


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